⭐️ Anki

Updated at 2020-11-25 11:28

Anki is a software for prolonged learning. It helps you to memorize certain topics with ease over longer periods of time.

Anki will track your progress on each individual topic and item. This is the reason why the software is so powerful. It has a complex algorithm behind it all, you sort of have to trust that it does the right thing.


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  2. Desktop versions:
  3. Android version:


  1. You create decks according to a topic you want to learn.
  2. Each deck consists of cards which are rich HTML and CSS.
  • There are a lot of different card types you can use.
  • Try to keep cards as simple as possible.
  1. You practice on these cards for 15 minutes or so daily.


Start with the default settings. Anki will limit how many cards you get to review daily so you don't overburden your short-term memory. Only change these when you get more comfortable.

Answer each card in your mind or by typing and press "Show Answer".

Then you have three choices:

  • Again means that you didn't get it right.
  • Hard means you got it right, but you weren't 100% sure.
  • Good means you got it right, but after thinking about it.
  • Easy means you got it right without pausing to think about it.


Each deck has the following deck-specific stats:

  • New means how many new cards to be reviewed are there in the deck.
  • Learning means how many cards are currently waiting to be shown later.
  • To Review means how many cards can be reviewed now.