☁️ AWS Marketplace

Updated at 2018-01-17 12:08

AWS Marketplace enables sellers to market and sell their software to AWS customers.

Software can be served in two formats:

  1. AMI distributed software.
  2. SaaS packages.

Your product must:

  • Not be in beta.
  • Have defined support process.
  • US bank account is required, but a virtual account from Payoneer works.

Amazon handles metering, billing and collecting payments. But the host must keep prices updated on AWS Marketplace.

Amazon can't share identifiable information (e.g. email address). But you can ask them yourself.

SaaS subscription listings must be based on AWS infrastructure. At least 50% of computation is on top of AWS.

Metering Service: Consumption monetization model, pay as you go. Your application is providing AWS with a quantity of usage for a given hour.

Contract Service: Entitlement monetization model, pay in advance for a certain amount of usage.