🃏 Investor Deck

Updated at 2018-09-05 23:12

Investors are busy people and if you want to get their attention, your deck needs to be top-notch.

Use the standard 12 slide guideline in investor decks:

  1. Title Slide with Company Slogan and Fundraising Round
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Product
  5. Team
  6. Why Now?
  7. Market
  8. Competition
  9. Business Model
  10. Financial + Key Metrics
  11. Fundraising Ask, Milestones for the Next 18 Months
  12. Thank You

Just create the 12 slides and start writing. But do clean up the content and add images afterwards.

Don't copy the deck texts from any template, not even the titles. Just reading the titles should tell a story who you are.

Investor deck should look good. Pitch decks are 100% marketing material, your aim is not to report all facts and figures but to get the potential investor excited in meeting you.

First two slides are the most important. They need to be aesthetic and interesting enough to make the investor read the whole thing.

Avoid common buzzwords. No "disruptive", "innovative" or "world-class", please.

Problem slide should have one major proactive statement about the problem. E.g. "30% of a full stack engineer’s time is wasted on code reviews". The slide can include how is the problem addressed today.

Solution slide demonstrates company value proposition for the customer. Provide use cases if necessary.

Why now slide focuses on the historical evolution of the category. Define recent trends and make your solution possible.

Market slide is about your target market and the potential size of it. Tell who is your ideal customer, TAM, SAM, SOM, etc.

Competition slide lists competitors. List competitive advantages you have over them.

Product slide describes your product, features architecture and such. May include a small development roadmap.

Business model slide shows how you will make money. Revenue model, pricing, average account size/LTV, sales channels, customer list.

Team slide shows who you are and why only you can build this. Founders, managers, advisors.

Finance slide has the money thingies. Balance sheet, cash flow, cap table.

Fundraising slide is about the ask.


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