🤝 Trust

Updated at 2018-01-12 18:23

When brands are about equal, customers choose the one they trust more.

Trust is the hardest thing to earn and the easiest to lose.

Testimonials are the best kind of trust builder. A statement by a famous expert. Believe it or not, even a negative comment can boost trust significantly if you handle the communication right.

  • the more personal details the client provides, the better.
  • the more relevant to another potential client, the more trust it creates.
  • videos are better than text, but a short quote is great already.

Transparency and information breed trust.

  • what does your product do
  • how does your product work
  • what does the product look like
  • how much does the product cost
  • tell how you provide value and support it with numbers
  • usually, the more information, the better

Make sure the team and product seems active.

  • post regularly about product updates, at least once a week
  • what company level goals have recently been reached
  • could you show # of daily signups or # of items bought
  • display service status
  • check out Fomo and Proof for more ideas

Social media works as a trust builder.

  • it takes more effort to manage Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
  • helps to build trust with users that haven't even heard of you
  • ask your coworkers to like, follow and share if none else does
  • more about this in my social marketing notes

Keep and eye of your product reviews. Try to get to as many review websites as you can.

Trust seals are a must for web stores. Depends on your audience though, more technical customers don't probably need these.