🛒 Webstore

Updated at 2018-06-08 14:25

This is a list to check essential webstore functionality. More details in the online shopping notes.

Never start by building/hosting your own webstore. Start with Shopify or Etsy. Seriously, don't start building a webstore before you try both of these out. 80% of effort in running a webstore is in marketing, taking pictures, handling returns and delivery anyway. You can game Etsy a little bit by having only one product with "Customer comments" to allow customization so you only have a single listing.

Main webstore checklist:

  1. Are featured products shown on the home page?
  2. Are there breadcrumbs at the top of the page under the header?
  3. Are the breadcrumbs are separated with > or \?
  4. Are item prices shown near the product name in each context?
  5. Does the site offer at least type, brand and price filtered search?
  6. Is the copywriting consistent e.g. Add to Cart, Checkout?
  7. Are delivery country possibilities shown or available to be shownon each page?
  8. Are payment options shown on every page or behind one clearly labelled link?
  9. Does the webstore explain how reclamation process works? No questions asked-return policy works the best.
  10. Is the website communicating over SSL (HTTPS)?
  11. Does the webstore work on mobile?
  12. Is the website running on .com or .net?
  13. Does the website avoid using stock photos?
  14. Does the website show total number of orders shipped and customers served.
  15. Does the website show customer service hours and contact telephone number.
  16. Are there customer testimonials?

Shopping cart checklist:

  1. Are the shopping cart and the item count clearly visible on each page?
  2. Does the store give visible feedback when an item is added to the shopping cart e.g. redirect or animated message?
  3. Can you remove an item from the shopping cart with one click?

Product description page checklist:

  1. Does the product have an image? Having a video is optional.
    1. Can you open the image thumbnails to see a high definition version?
    2. Are there product images from all sides of the product?
    3. Are basic product images shot using a single color background and soft lightning?
    4. Is there a standard size item on the picture to give sense of scale on smaller products?
    5. Are there product close up images showing small details e.g. ports?
    6. Is there at least one product image where the product is in an exciting or normal usage setting?
  2. Does the product have custom, story-like and engaging description?
  3. Are the related products shown?
  4. Can customers create and view product reviews?
  5. Shows estimated delivery date for the product?

Checkout page checklist:

  1. Is the ordering process split to multiple logical steps?
  2. Is there a clear way back to shopping?
  3. The shopping cart only contains items that the user placed there?
  4. Buying doesn't require registration?
  5. Shows items in cart that have thumbnails and link to the product page?
  6. Shows estimated delivery date for the whole order?
  7. Shows support telephone number or offer chat functionality?
  8. Shows available payment methods?
  9. Has a button to save the car for later?
  10. Shows trust marks?
  11. Shows additional related products in a non-aggressive way?
  12. Tells where the shipping facility is located?