🤏 Miniatures

Updated at 2020-08-21 02:44

Plasticard aka. styrene sheets are thin plastic sheets you can use for all flat shapes; armor plates, emblems, ice, marble, walls, etc. Perfectly smooth, strong and easy to work with. You cut it with an utility knife, use a knife to remove excess "lip", sand it to your liking and use either plastic cement or superglue for it.

  • thinner 1mm< sheets are best for detailed work like logos and such.
  • thicker 1mm> sheets are for walls and armor plates without much detail.

If you need visible screw ends or rivets, 0.75mm plastic/styrene tubes/rods are perfect. Cut to small circles and glue to a surface. Many other tubes work as well as brass, but are more tedious to work with and might add weight to wrong places.