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📌 Pinning

Updated at 2020-08-21 02:45


  • Use 22 gauge uncoated metal wire for general pinning.
  • Use brass rods for places that require substantial strength.

22 gauge wire is about 0.8 mm in diameter, dirty cheap and good for pinning. Most metal wires will work, I take the stiffest I can find that I still can bend around my finger. Don't use plastic coated ones but some minor coating like a varnish shouldn't be an issue. 20 gauge (0.9 mm) works too. Slimmer wire like 30 gauge (0.3 mm) is excellent for decorative work and works if pinning tiny details.

Metal rods are useful for pinning large things. Brass rods are easier to bend, cut, sand and just to work with than steel. Brass also has a nice steampunk feel when used for scenery or bases.

Use poster putty to mark the drill location. Drill one of the holes, press a piece of blu tack flat on the other piece, press the pieces together and the blu tack should have a bump where you should drill.