🍯 Citadel Pots

Updated at 2020-07-29 01:47

How to transfer Citadel paints to generic dropper bottles. Citadel pots are the worst.

Buy 15ml plastic dropper bottles from Amazon. They are around $10 for 50 bottles. The 15ml bottles are for normal paints, you can also buy dropper bottles for contrast paints (17ml) and shades (24ml).

For some paints, you should use flow-aid to make the paint a bit more runny. Then you get all of it out of the pots. But don't use too much!

take 1 pot of Citadel paint
shake it
cut the cap lid joints at the back
does it pour? you can try on the lid for example
if it does not pour smoothly, add 2 drops of flow-aid and shake, repeat until pours