🔳 Sprue

Updated at 2024-02-24 23:00

Sprue is the frame that you cut parts out of to make models. Originally, a sprue was the passage through which liquid material is introduced into the mold. The material that solidifies in these passages can also be called "sprue". And nowadays even the whole slab that comes out can be called a sprue.

You get a lot of leftover sprue when assembling plastic models. A lot.

Save at least some leftover sprue. Most of it can be thrown away though.

What to do with all the leftover sprue?

Create "sprue goo." Mix leftover sprue with a good amount of plastic cement or 100% acetone to create "liquid plastic" that you can use to fill small gaps in your models. Remember to use a glass bottle. It should take more than 14 h for the plastic to melt.

Sprue goo can also be made into thin sheets with parchment paper and a rolling pin. These can be used as additional armor plates, flooring, roll them to pipes, or you can use a 1 mm hole punch to create rivets.

Make bricks. A whole wall might take a lot of sprue but many have more than enough.

Add rubble to bases. Can be made to look like construction debris.

Add distinct edges to pavements. A few urban bases can have some pavement showing.

Make thin slices to create cobblestone paths. Fantasy town base with ease.

Cut sharp to make crystals and gems. An easy addition to magical cave bases.

Use round sprue for pipes and beams. Industrial bases can always use a few pipes.

Round sprue can be sliced into coins. Paint with various metallic paints and your pirate treasure pile is ready.

Sprue can be used to create smoke effects.

  • Cut 10 cm or so segment of sprue.
    • A shorter piece could lead to hot fingers.
  • Light a candle or set up your heat gun.
  • Warm the sprue from a good distance from the heat source.
    • It will catch fire if too close.
  • Gently pull from the both ends and twist.
  • Cut to shape after cools down.

Virtually any kind of frame for a structure. Snap into beams and use plastic cement to create strong bonds.