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Updated at 2014-09-23 18:35

Colors evoke different reactions in different people. The emotional response depends most notably on the cultural background. Yes.

Colors in Western Culture

Most used colors in western culture: Blue > Red > Dark > Yellow.

Blue: Trust, Security, Reliability, Devotion, Calm, Order, Consistency, Cold, Normal, Distant

Blue logos are the most used, especially by banks, security businesses, medicine and technology. Male oriented brands.

Orange: Fun, Energy, Vitality, Enthusiasm, Friendly, Cheerful, Caution

Orange buttons are usually call-to-action.

Yellow: Fun, Cheap, Cheerful, Energy, Happiness, Joy, Playfulness, Optimistic, Youthful, Warm, Clear, Warning, Attention, Life.

Yellow logos are used to show clarity, positive image and hope for youth.

Green: Health, Nature, Animals, Environment, Growth, Fresh, Peace, Success, Money, Greed, Relaxing

Green logos are most used in medicine, ecological-business and tourism.

Red: Passion, Speed, Courage, Seduction, Competitive, Adventure, Excitement, Youth, Bold, Violence, Danger, Anger, Urgency

Red logos drive attention towards their product, not the brand, usually associated with foods and drinks.

Pink: Feminine, Calm, Warm, Love, Romantic, Girly, Compassion, Beauty, Sensitivity

Brown: Reliability, Practicality, Earth, Durability, Boring, Dirt, Old

Purple: Mysterious, Intellectual, Royal, Delight, Luxury, Romantic, Floral, Relaxing, Expensive, Spiritual

White: Pure, Clean, Innocence, Spacious, Balance, Neutral, Calm, Empty, Cold, Hope

Black: Authority, Expensive, Power, Fate, Sleek, Inflexible, Evil, Death, Formality

Black logos are most used in construction, finance, fashion, manufacturing, mining and marketing.

Silver/Gold: Luxury, Expensive

Colors in Western Web Design

  • Red is danger, error or failure.
  • Orange and yellow are warning.
  • Blue is informational.
  • Green is success.
  • White is neutral.

Colors by Gender

On average, men like blue, green, black and hate brown, orange, purple. Men like bright colors and colors that are darker.

On average, women like blue, purple, green and hate orange, brown, grey. Women like soft colors and colors that are lighter.