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Updated at 2024-04-14 11:49

E-commerce and streaming websites have been personalizing their content for a simple reason. Personalized messages work magnitudes better than general messages.

"Hello There!" as a generic fallback website if no persona detected
"Hello, Target!" for visitors from Target
"Let's optimize experience for your travelers" for travel industry
"Still awake?" for visitors browsing at night

Audiences to optimize for:

  • Named accounts, by company IP, high impact but can be hard to get correct.
  • Industries, by linking company IP to CRM, also high impact.
  • Geography, based on location. You can also take safe bets on culture.
  • Time, usually best used with geography to know if it's night or day.
  • Customers of other products, you can read login cookies of other services to see if they have used something too.
  • Engaged visitors, returning visitors who have visited your blog, website or other content before. Again, read the cookies.

You can use tools like Optimizely to help with the detection and personalization.

You can use tools like Demandbase to detect company IPs. If you combine this with your CRM tools, you can market to a specific industry.