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Updated at 2014-07-21 19:12

Don't tell how good your product is, show how good it is.

Landing page is a web page that a visitors should be directed when they first encounter your brand. Arriving through e.g. Google search, an advertisement or social media share. Related to web design, copywriting and marketing.

Advertisement style and landing page style should match. In most cases, link text should be similar to the landing page headline. Otherwise visitors might get confused; did they just click a wrong link?

Make call-to-action obvious and make the action easy to execute. The goal of a landing page is usually to direct a visitor down the path that leads to becoming a customer. This paths should be designed so that the next step is always the most noticeable action on each page and there is only one path. The most common action is collecting emails of interested customers. Make sure you have only one call-to-action.

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Prefer one column layout. Multicolumn layout splits the focus.

Include at least one big static image or video. Full screen background images are also common. Random emotional photos are better than screenshots of the product, but consider if you can make them relate to the product. Don't use stock photos. Big static images usually work better than carousels. But carousels usually work better than videos. Never set any audio or video to auto play on a landing page. Pages with image of a person seems more secure and approachable.

Big Images > Carousels > Short Videos (<60s) > Long Video

A landing page should load under 2 seconds. After 2 second loading time, you will notice a drop in people willing to wait. To improve loading speed, check out web development notes.

Show the cheapest price you offer as fast as possible. When people do not know the brand, they won't even consider it if they don't know the price. Plan your pricing so that the cheapest one seems more than reasonable. Nothing beats free so if you have that kind of plan, tell about it.

Tell about the benefits, not about the features. Consider adding a bullet point list of benefits of the product. Five or less benefits is a good count. More about text content in copywriting notes.

# bad
- Share stories about your favorite teams.
# good
- Follow your favorite sports teams.

Watch out for usign too much text. When you have to write a lot of text, use bullet points or bold to highlight the important sections.

Clearly state your target audience. Never state that the product is for everyone if it is not. It is usually better to narrow and tell your target customer group. Tell for who it might or will suite.

Our LoopHoopWoot is perfectly suited for:
* Digital Marketers
* UI Designers
* Web Analysists
* Consultants

People move in herds. If you can, show counting number of people already signed past 7 days.

Include social proof. Even a testimonial from your mother is better than nothing. Most powerful testimonials have person's picture, full name and results achieved by using the product. All possible certifications, security badges and partner logos are fine too.

Testimonials, photos or logos.
Add every company logo that you have worked with or have written about you.

Use customized landing pages for each marketing channel and campaign. Use "robots.txt" file to block the site from search engines. Has more impact as feels personalized and helps in analytics. Customized landing pages may have limited navigation to remove noise.

Welcome redditors!
Hello Hacker News!

Personalization is very effective. Customized landing pages makes them them more personal and effective. You can get the website where visitor came from as an URL parameter or visitor home city from the IP address.

The best diners in Turku!
(after looking up that the IP is coming from Turku)

Test your landing page. Consider using A/B testing to get the landing page just right. It really needs to be perfect. More about testing in A/B testing notes.

Landing Page Headline

Landing page starts a headline stating what the website is for. This might be introduction to the promoted product or service the website provides. Make wording so clear that it becomes clear what it relates to. There are more notes about creating headlines in copywriting and content marketing notes.

# bad
DetSuite Cloud Business Software Suite
# good
Accounting, Simplified

Consider adding a subheading to support the headline. Subheading provides more detailed explanation of your headline. Aim is to clearly explain the main benefits in a single sentence.

Accounting, Simplified

DetSuite is the leading integrated web-based business software suite,
including business accounting and ERP software.

Headline style best practices:

  • Biggest text on the visible area.
  • Center the headline.
  • Capitalize each word.
  • Do not use a period.
  • Break long headlines with em-dashes or something similar.
  • Consider adding quotation marks around your headline.
  • Sub heading should have only first word capitalized.
                How to Learn a Second Language While Sleeping

        By listening to our audio lessons while you sleep, you’ll be
           able to learn a second language in less than one month.

Simple way to create a landing page headline:

  1. List every single problem the product solves.
  2. Write an inviting headline for each one of them.
  3. Consider each one and use that feels best and is unique.
  4. Provoking to an action usually works better.
  5. In headlines, inciting curiosity > clarity.
# bad
For cleaner socks!
# good
Put an end to smelly socks!

# bad
Social Network For Sports Fans
# good
Follow sports together.

Examples and templates for landing page headlines:

# examples
Make More Money on Your Bets – Get Free Betting Tips
Get Your Free YouTube Converter
Avoid Losing Rankings, Traffic and Money!
Group Training & Fitness At Your Local Gym

# templates