🏜️ Black Desert Online

Updated at 2018-03-27 17:34

Getting Started

In a nutshell:

  1. Create an account, buy the game, install the game and login.
  2. Create a character, choose a class that seems cool, most of the in-game progression is shared so it doesn't matter much before you start serious gearing. You can also change character appearance later (2 weeks for free, then costs a bit.)
  3. Turn off notifications.
  4. Follow the main quest line. If you run out of inventory space; go to the nearest Storage and place items there that you don't want to sell.

Focus on questing by following the main quest line. It will reward you with gear, inventory slots, perks, contribution points, etc. You wouldn't be able to do much without the CP anyway. The main quest line is the one that Black Spirit (the small black blob with red eyes) walks you through.

At level 20, hit o to open the quest log and remove filtering of optional quests at the bottom of the first tab by clicking "ALL". Optional quests reward CP.

Turn off the annoying notifications, go Settings - General Settings - Alerts and turn everything off except Guild Missions.

Major cities have Storages where you can place items and money for safekeeping. Storages are shown as chests in map and are shared between characters. Warehouses are for interacting with the Central Market, have seperate bags and wallet, and are accessed through the Storage interface.

You don't need to read any further; start the game, follow the tutorials and continue the main quest line. But read more if you want to understand the endgame and optional content like worker management and professions.


All your characters share the same max energy value. But all of your characters have separate pools of energy

Energy regenerates over time. If you are resting in bed, you gain energy faster. But completing quests also gives energy.

You use energy for:

  • having conversations to gain amity with NPCs
  • recruiting new workers
  • checking market prices of a trade item
  • bargain better selling prices for trade items
  • world chat messages
  • theft
  • gathering
  • buying energy potions from Alustin in Velia
  • leveling up nodes
  • night vendor gambling, but be sure to have 50+ million cash in the storage

Max energy increases with knowledge. You get knowledge by talking to NPCs, exploring and killing monsters.

Having 300+ max energy is typical. If you have less than that, get grinding and chatting with NPCs.

Skill Points (SP)

Skill points are used to learn skills, spells, and abilities.

You gain skill points from combat and some quests.

Contribution Points (CP)

CP is used for leasing houses, investing in map nodes and renting items.

You gain CP mainly from questing.

Building leasing:

  • Cities have houses on the world map.
  • Leasing buildings gives various bonuses:
    • Increase warehouse space for the city.
    • Increase max number of workers.
  • Blue buildings you can lease.
  • Gray buildings have some prerequisite.

Node investments:

  • You use CP to invest in nodes.
  • Node manager will let you invest.
  • Nodes turn orange when you have invested in them.

Having +200 CP is pretty typical. If you have less than that, get questing.

Tips and Tricks

Use T hotkey. T makes you autorun to target location. Right-click a quest or world map location to mark it as your destination.

Quest targets are orange in your minimap. This realization helps to find the specific mobs you are looking for.

Use NPC finder. Only works for NPCs that you have "met" meaning the ones you have "knowledge." People you haven't met yet appear as ? on the minimap.

Only recruit blue and better workers. The quality levels are gray < green < blue < yellow < orange. Goblins and humans are usually the best workers.

Workers will place the resulting items in the city storage. So make sure you have space for those potatoes.

Use beer to recover your worker stamina. You should first set up workers on nodes that produce beer ingredients.

Connect the place you fished from to the site you are selling the fish. Otherwise, you will get a lot less money (~30% changes to ~120%). You sell fish to trade managers.

Always use combo controls. Avoid using hotkeys for combo abilities as those versions will do less damage.

Do all story quests and Black Spirit quests. Story quests have a yellow scroll with ! icon, black spirit quests have a mini Black Spirit icon. You can think that other quest types are optional, especially the repeatable ones.


  1. Go to a stable keeper
  2. Buy a farm wagon
  3. Get two horses, male and female (so that you can breed them later)
  4. Connect horses to the wagon
  5. Take out the wagon and bring it to a trade manager
  6. Now you can buy stuff into the wagon, look for things that are currently affordable, and spend energy to check prices elsewhere
  7. Go to the target place and sell the items


Amity is your reputation with an NPC. When talking to an NPC, you can see amity and potential rewards at the bottom left.

Conversations are used to increase your amity with an NPC.

Make sure you have full Interest Knowledge Status on the NPC. Makes conversations easier.

You can avoid conversations. Greeting uses three energy and gives three amities to the NPC. But this is not very efficient.

Exit out of all "fail to spark" conversations. You won't gain a lot of amity from those anyway.

Never take another round of conversation for free. You will get "fail to spark" and lose everything.

Select all 80–100% sparking interest topics that have the highest interest.


To do alchemy, buy Alchemy Tool from general goods vendor and place it in your house.

You can never have enough blood. Usually, the only thing not gatherable by a worker in alchemy is blood.

Power leveling alchemy:

  • get an alchemy costume; I'd just buy it with pearls.
  • create Pure Powder Reagent and Clear Liquid Reagent until you hit Skilled
    • you will want these as these are used in other alchemy recipes
    • PPR: 1xWeed/WildGrass, 1xSilverAzalea, 1xSugar, 1xPurifiedWater
    • CLR: 1xWeed/WildGrass, 1xSunriseHerb, 1xSalt, 1xPurifiedWater
    • my suggestion is to get 1000xWeed, 500xSilverAzalea, 500xSunriseHerb, 500xSugar, 500xSalt, 1000xPurifiedWater and craft 500 of both
  • create Elixir of Human Hunt or Elixir of Fury until you hit Professional
    • EoHH: 1xClownsBlood + 4xBigFortuneTellerMushroom + 3xBlackStonePowder + 4xMapleSap

Pure Powder Reagent:

  • 1 Wild Grass/Weed - you should have a lot of these already.
  • 1 Silver Azalea - use workers to get these.
  • 1 Sugar - you buy this.
  • 1 Purified Water - buy empty bottles from a material vendor, got to a river, bottle the water and use thinning on the bottles.


Attack speed and possibly other stats are soft-capped at 5.

Black Spirit socketing: By using Crystals, you can add a specific effect to your equipment. You can only put crystals on items that have sockets. Some items do not have sockets, and other items can have multiple sockets.

Black Spirit enchanting: By using blackstones, you can add a +1 to your equipment. Once you go higher than +15, the enchantment rank is noted in Roman numerals (III, IV, X). The current known maximum is V (+20).

  • Armor enchanting gives defense.
  • It is safe to enchant your armor to +5 without the possibility of failure.
  • Weapon enchanting gives attack.
  • It is safe to enchant your weapons to +7 without the chance of failure.
  • Accessory enchanting is different: Instead of using blackstones, you need two the same jewelry items, and combine them. If it succeeds, you will gain +1. If it fails, you will lose both pieces.

Failing enchants give you a +1 success stack which will provide you with more chance of an enchanting success next time.

Safe enchantment takes a lot more blackstones than 1.

Color upgrading: Through a Weapon Forging Workshop, you can upgrade your weapon to another color with some additional materials and workers. The ranks are White < Green < Blue < Yellow. Better color ranks can give higher base stats or other additional stats. Upgrading to Blue has a 100% Success rate while upgrading to Yellow is quite random.

Repairing max durability on a weapon requires a same weapon of the same color so enchant your weapon first and then do the color upgrading.