🍻 Drinking Game
King's Cup

Updated at 2012-12-08 22:32

This note is how to play King's Cup the drinking game.

Setup: Set a vase or other large water container in the middle of the table. Shuffle and deal a deck of cards around the vase so they form a circle face down.

Turn: Player draws one card and acts according the drawn rank.

Card Meanings

Ace: Waterfall: Person who drew begins to sip, as does everyone else. When person who drew the card stops drinking, person to his left can also. Does full circle like this.

2: You: Person on your left drinks.

3: You: Person on your right drinks.

4: Me: Person who drew drinks.

5: My Fair Lady: All players must touch the floor with their hand. Last player to touch the floor must drink a sip.

6: Confession: Every player holds up 3 fingers. Player who drew starts telling sentences starting "I Never..." Player must state things that he/she has never done. If any other player has done the thing specified, he/she loses one finger. If you lose all your fingers, you drink.

7: Thumb Master: Place the card in front of you so it shows. Player who drew can place their thumb anywhere at any time so it peeks behind an edge. Other players must place their thumb in an identical spot, but not necessarily the same spot. E.g. the edge of the table, your hand or toilet door. Last player to notice and mimic drinks.

8: Lady Luck: Player who drew must guess the color of the next card. If they were wrong, they must drink a sip themselves. If they were right, the player who picked up the card drinks a sip.

9: Rhyme: Player who drew must say a word. Then the players go around in circle saying words that rhyme with it. No word can be said twice. First one that cannot come up with anything that is a word or says something that doesn't clearly rhyme, drinks a sip.

10: Categories: Player who drew picks a category such as sports teams, colors or countries. Other players, starting form right, must say one belonging to that category. First player that cannot come up with anything, drinks a sip.

Jack: Gentlemen's Club: Place the card in front of you so it shows. You will now drink when any other player with 6 in front of them drinks. If you already have a Jack and get a Jack, you can invite anyone to the gentlemen's club.

Queen: Question Master: Player who drew the card becomes question master. All other players must answer question master's questions with a question. Failing to do so forces them to drink a sip. This continues until someone else draws a queen.

King: Kingmaker: First 3 kings add part of their drink to the center vase and make a rule. Last king must drink the center vase and the game ends.

Sample rules made by kings:

  • No saying "drink".
  • No swearing.
  • No saying names or nicknames.
  • No pointing with fingers.
  • You must finish your speech directed to a person with "my highness".
  • You must finish all your sentences with "in bed".

Joker: Choker: Player who drew the card must finish their whole drink right now.