⚔️ For Honor

Updated at 2018-07-25 14:42

For Honor is a 2017 sword-fighting game by Ubisoft.

Choose faction you like the most. It doesn't really matter but maybe join the faction which your friends play in.

The journey of a For Honor player:

  1. Play the story mode to get familiar with the game.
  2. Play the story mode on hard to actually learn the game.
  3. Play all the trials to hone your skills for multiplayer.
  4. Choose a hero you like the best and play training arena until you know the basic moveset like the back of your hand.
  5. Go to multiplayer.

Yes, seriously.

Pick a single hero and play it until 8 reputation level. If you keep switching heroes all the time, you will never get into the game. Level 8 reputation is the sweet spot because then all drops can be legendary items. When you switch heroes, go to training arena first to learn their moveset.

You get 1 reputation level for every 20 normal levels. You can only gain legendary items with reputation levels 7 for uncommon drops and 8 for common drops.

Choose your first hero based on hero type. Hero types gain double renown (match-specific XP) from some activities like defending, ganking or honorable fights. Pick hero type that matches how you like to play in a team.

  • Heavy: focus on defending specific areas until party arrives to help. Gain double renown by assisting party members and defending objectives.
  • Assassin: focus on killing players and running away. Gain double renown by contesting zones, killing players that are already engaged in combat and getting kill streaks without dying.
  • Vanguard: more balanced heroes that lean slightly to teamed offense. Gain double renown by winning outnumbered fights, winning honorable 1v1 fights, capturing points and killing enemy NPC soldiers.
  • Hybrid: mix of two hero types listed above. Gain 1.5x renown from all activities.

Renown unlocks your feats for that match. Each hero has 4 feats that will unlock as the match progresses.

Dominion gives the most XP of all game modes. Use match specific XP boost at least twice a day. The salvage cost will increase after each use, but will reset daily.

Focus unlocking all the characters first. To get levels faster, buy champion status that boosts XP gain by 25%.

Gear stats only apply to 4v4 domination, 4v4 tribute, 4v4 elimination and 4v4 skirmish.