📜 Elder Scrolls Morrowind

Updated at 2022-08-10 02:37

How to play Morrowind on Ubuntu.

Install Morrowind and OpenMW

You can play Morrowind with just Wine, but we'll add extra stability with the OpenMW.

  1. Buy
  2. Download the backup standalone installer (don't get the GOG Galaxy installer.)
  3. Install wine if you don't have that already.
  4. Run wine setup_tes_morrowind_*.exe and follow the instructions.
  5. Run sudo apt install openmw*
  6. Start "OpenMW Launcher", click "Run Install Wizard", select "Existing" and it should automatically detect the installation.
  7. Copy reasonable default settings with cp /etc/openmw/settings-default.cfg $HOME/.config/openmw/settings.cfg.
  8. Start the game using "OpenMW Launcher".

Install Tamriel Rebuilt

Tamriel Rebuilt is a fan-made expansion to Morrowind that adds pieces of the Morrowind region mainland to the game without affecting the vanilla Morrowind gameplay too much.

Download latest Tamriel_Data from

Unpack the files into your Morrowind/Data Files directory, so that the Data Files now contains Tamriel_Data.esm, PT_Data.bsa, and TR_Data.bsa.

Download the latest Tamriel_Rebuilt from

Unpack the files from 00, 01 and 03 into your Morrowind/Data Files directory, so that the Data Files now contains TR_Mainland.esm, TR_Factions.esm, and TR_Travels.esm.

subl ~/.wine/drive_c/GOG\ Games/Morrowind/Morrowind.ini
# find "[Archives]" and add...
Archive 2=PT_Data.bsa
Archive 3=TR_Data.bsa
# save and exit

Open OpenMW Launcher:

  • Run Settings > Run Settings Importer
  • Go to Data Files tab and enable all things that start with Tamriel_ or TR_.
  • Make sure the load order doesn't report any errors, you will notice them.
  • You are ready to play so start the game here!

Next Steps

You could install more mods at this point, but the above is how I usually play.