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Transport Rules (9th)

Updated at 2022-12-11 11:47

Abridged Transport rules for Warhammer 40,000 9th edition.


Transports have a capacity, the max number of models that can be embarked in it.

Transports have different restrictions what can be placed inside them. Double check which particular restrictions your Transport has.

A unit can start the battle embarked in a Transport. If the Transport is in the reserve, so are the embarked units and via versa.

Embarked units cannot do anything or be affected in any way unless specifically mentioned in the rules.


A unit can embark within a friendly Transport:

  • Every model must end their move within 3" of the Transport.
  • The move must be a Normal Move, an Advance or a Fall Back.
  • A unit cannot embark within a Transport that is engaged with any enemies.
  • A unit cannot embark if they've disembark in the same phase.


A unit can disembark from the Transport they are embarked in:

  • A unit can only disembark in their Movement phase.
    • That unit started the same Movement phase as embarked in the Transport.
  • Disembarking unit moves wholly within 3" of the Transport.
  • A unit cannot disembark from a Transport that has moved that turn.
  • A model cannot disembark to the engagement range of any enemies.

Note that you can disembark from a Transport engaged with enemies as long as the models are not disembarking to the engagement range of any enemies.

Units that have disembarked count as having moved this turn, but can otherwise act normally including the actual Movement phase movement.

Forced Disembark from a Destroyed Transport

If a Transport is destroyed:

  1. Resolve Transport "Explodes" or other abilities that trigger on destruction, if any.
    • These do not affect the embarked units if the ability doesn't explicitly specify so.
  2. All embarked units must force disembark from the Transport.
    • Most disembark restrictions are removed but you still can't disembark to the engagement range of any enemies and the models count as having moved.
    • You must disembark all units before removing the destroyed Transport itself.
    • Models that cannot legally disembark from a destroyed Transport are destroyed.
  3. Roll a D6 per each model that force disembarked.
    • For each roll of 1, one model is destroyed.
    • Even if there are multiple units, you roll once for all models and then pick which models from all the models die. Not by unit.
  4. Units that force disembark cannot perform Charge or Heroic Intervention that turn.