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Project Ascension

Updated at 2022-02-12 11:25

Project Ascension is a classless World of Warcraft private server.


Project Ascension is most fun when you create your own custom builds. But here is a list of some cookie-cutter builds to help you get started if you don't yet feel ready to make your own builds.

Caster Builds

Here are some decent caster starter builds that you can usually steer later towards different end game builds. Listed from the easiest to the hardest to build.

You'd either focus in Intellect or use some hybrid enchantment/talent that converts Strength, Agility or Spirit to spell damage.

Frost Caster Build:

  • Pick Frostbolt (1c), Fire Blast (1c, optional) and Conjure Water (1c, optional) at the start.
  • Use Frost Bomb RE to get an extra frost spell to play with.
  • Easy to build and play, just take all spell power based spells that deal frost damage. You can steer this build to many directions later and Frostbolt alone will carry you through all of the level grind.
  • Use Intellect as your primary stat.

Holy Caster Build:

  • Pick Smite (1c), Life Tap (1r), Seal of Righteousness (1r, optional) and Judgement of Wisdom (1r, optional) at the start.
  • Carding Holy Fire is recommended as it's the core of this build but you could also replace it with something more rare.
  • Look for Exorcism > Hammer of Wrath > Holy Nova; you may also card some of these.
  • Penance > Consecration > Holy Wrath > Holy Shock; all are nice-to-have.
  • Take Greater Heal as your healing spell as it is improved with the same talents as Smite and Holy Fire.
  • Use Holy Ascension RE to boost damage potential.
  • The optional Seal and Judgement are meant to be used with Improved Judgements (Smite and Holy Fire trigger Seals) + Vindication (more holy damage) + Heart of the Crusader (AoE holy damage) + Enlightened Judgements (increase Judgement range to 30 yards) + Judgement of the Wise (more mana regen). Replace Seal of Righteousness with Seal of Wisdom if you happen to find it.
  • Holy damage caster with healing potential; start with Intellect primary stat and change to Spirit later if you want switch to healing.

Lightning Caster Build:

  • Pick Lightning Bolt (1c), Earth Shock (1c) and Life Tap (1r, optional) at the start.
  • Card Chain Lightning and Elemental Mastery (optional).
  • Avatar of Lightning RE + Elemental Mastery is amazing, shoot lightning while running.
  • Nature caster with healing potential, start with Intellect primary stat and switch to Spirit if you want bigger heals.

Shadow Caster Build:

  • Pick Shadow Bolt (1c), Corruption (1c) and Life Tap (1r, optional) at the start.
  • Look for more shadow damage spells like Mind Blast, Shadowburn and Shadowfury.
  • Pure Shadow RE + Exhausting Leech RE is quite nice.
  • Use Intellect as your primary stat.

Fire Caster Build

  • Pick Fireball (1c), Fire Blast (1c), Immolate (1c) and Conjure Water (1c, optional) at the start.
  • Card Pyroblast and Scorch.
  • Look for any spells that deal fire damage.
  • Use Hot Streak talent to proc instant Pyroblasts after 2 fire spell crits.
  • Use Intellect as your primary stat, and stack fire spell critical chance.

Melee Builds

Here are some decent melee starter builds that you can usually steer later towards different end game builds.

You usually focus on Strength or Agility with these to get your attack power up.

Two-Handed Overpower Build:

  • Use Strength and only one two-handed weapon.
  • Start: Sinister Strike (1c), Victory Rush (1c), Advanced Finishing Move Mastery (1r, Slice and Dice), Charge (1e, optional)
  • Core Cards: Mortal Strike > Rend > Overpower > Frostbrand/Windfury Weapon > Expose Armor > Hemorrhage > Heroic Strike
  • Extra Cards: Sweeping Strikes > Siegebreaker > Divine Storm > Rupture > Execute > Eviscerate > Battle Shout > Blessing of Kings > Demonic Leap > Blink > Garrote
  • Legendary Enchants: Level with Battle Fervor, go for Demolisher when you get Mortal Strike at 40+
  • Epic Enchants: Insatiable (boost Overpower), In For the Kill (refresh Rend), Weapon Command (boost attack speed), Master of Arms (armor penetration)

Dual Wielding Build:

  • Use Agility and dual wield one-handed weapons.
  • Start: Sinister Strike (1c), Eviscerate (1c), Advanced Finishing Move Mastery (1r, Slice and Dice), Charge (1e, optional)
  • Card: Hemorrhage > Heroic Strike
  • Titan's Grip?

Dagger Build:

  • Use Agility and dual wield daggers.
  • Start: Backstab (1c), Sinister Strike (1c), Stealth (1c), Advanced Finishing Move Mastery (1r, Slice and Dice), Charge (1e, optional)
  • Card: Mutilate > Poisons > Ambush > Hemorrhage > Rupture > Rend

Cat and Pet Build:

  • Use Agility and weapons that give you the most stats like Agility and Attack Power.
  • Start: Tame Beast (1e), Charge (1e, optional)
  • Core Cards: Cat Form, Claw, Rake, Rip
  • Enchants: Razor Claws, Primal Frenzy
  • Ability priority: cat abilities > usable while shapeshifted > buffs > 1 big heal > hots > dots > other.
  • If you get Vampiric Embrace ability, use Twilight RE.

Melee Hunter Build:

  • Use Agility and a single two-handed weapon.
  • Start: Mongoose Bite (1c), Raptor Strike (1c), Charge (1e, optional)
  • Card Counterattack and use Killer Instinct talent so you cast it.
  • Optionally card Mortal Strike and use Demolisher RE.
  • Optionally card Explosive Shot and use Charged Up RE.

Frost Enhancement Build:

  • Use Agility and dual wield one-handed weapons.
  • Start: Frostbolt (1c), Charge (1e, optional)
  • Core Card: Frostbrand Weapon > Lava Lash
  • Extra Cards: Deep Freeze (for Chilling Blows RE)
  • Use Maelstrom Weapon talent to get instant cast Frostbolt.
  • Epic Enchants: Ice Lash, Chilling Blows

Fire Enhancement Build:

  • Use Agility and dual wield one-handed weapons.
  • Start: Fireball (1c), Charge (1e, optional)
  • Core Cards: Flametongue Weapon > Lava Lash.
  • Use Maelstrom Weapon talent to get instant cast Fireball.

Tank Builds

Block Tank Build:

  • Pick Thunder Clap (1c), Defensive Stance (1r), Shield Block (1r) and Shield Bash (1e, optional) at the start.
  • Card Shield Wall and whatever you like e.g. Shockwave.
  • Look for melee abilities that generate threat and scale with attack power.
  • Look for self-buffs that reduce damage taken e.g. increased armor.
  • Look for self-buffs that increase healing received.
  • Use Strength as your primary stat, focus on block and always wear a shield.

Holy Tank Build:

  • Pick Thunder Clap (1c), Righteous Fury (1r) , Defensive Stance (1r), Seal of the Righteous (1r) at the start.
  • Card Holy Shield and Hammer of the Righteous.
  • Look for Consecration, any Judgement abilities, Exorcism and Holy Wrath.
  • Use Purification By Light RE for additional threat.
  • If you get Holy Nova, use Pious Strikes RE for even more threat.
  • You can also use this template (Righteous Fury + Defensive Stance + Thunder Clap) to build tanks that utilize other damage types like Frost, Nature, Fire, etc. Try to focus on one element and take Defensive Casting RE that allows dodge, parry and block while casting.
  • Use Strength as your primary stat, focus on block and always wear a shield.

Bear Tank Build:

  • Pick Bear Form (1r), Swipe (1c), Maul (1c) and Charge (1e, optional) at the start.
  • Card anything you like, you already have your core abilities.
  • Look for abilities that you can use in Bear Form.
  • Use Agility as your primary stat and focus on dodge.

Parry Tank Build:

  • Pick Thunder Clap (1c), Defensive Stance (1r), Aspect of the Monkey (1r, optional) and Righteous Fury (1u, optional) at the start.
  • Card Devastate and Ghostly Strike, you get both from tank card giver in the starting zone.
  • Aspect of the Monkey and Righteous Fury both have talents that reduce all damage taken.
  • Crackling Thunder RE is good for leveling.
  • Last Stand + Victory Rush + Tactical Mastery talent + Undaunted RE is a good combo to look out for for the late game.
  • Devastate + Riposte + Blademaster RE is also good for late game.
  • Unfair Advantage rogue talent + In the Zone RE makes you an anti-magic tank.
  • Sword and Thunder RE + Sword and Board talent allow more Thunder Claps.
  • Use Strength as your primary stat, focus on parry and only use one two handed weapon.

Healer Builds

There is a single catch-all healer build for beginners, all of the variants can be played up to 5 man Mythic dungeons if you setup your Random Enchantments properly.

Big Heals Build:

  • Pick Life Tap (1r), one big heal (Healing Touch, Healing Wave, Holy Light or Greater Heal) and any spammable damage spell (1c, e.g. Frostbolt) at the start.
  • Card Beacon of Light and Cleanse Spirit from the starting zone healer card giver. Replace Cleanse Spirit with Cleanse if you happen to have that.
  • Try to get at least one other mana generator later down the line e.g. Evocation, Innervate, Water Shield, Mana Spring Totem or Blessing of Wisdom.
  • At level 40, respec to Pyromaniac 3/3, Meditation 3/3 and Arcane Meditation 3/3 to get 75% in-combat mana regeneration. You should rarely run out of mana when just spamming your big heal.
  • Take Tree of Life, Mage Armor and Fade / Feign Dead if found.
  • Check which enchants you can use with your chosen healing spells, especially the Legendary and Epic ones. It might change your whole gameplay and what abilities to pick.
  • Use Spirit as your primary stat if you are not doing anything special


Random Enchantments (RE, or ME [Mythic Enchantments]) are found on gear.

  • Uncommon and Rare stack 3 times (if note stated otherwise).
  • Epic and Legendary REs don't stack.
  • You can have 1 Legendary REs in your gear.
  • You can have 3 Epic REs in your gear.
  • You can change gear REs at "Ancient Enchanting Altars."
  • Mystic Runes can be used to re-roll a RE on an item.
  • Mystic Extract are used to extract REs from items to your collection forever but will also destroy the item.
  • Mystic Orbs are used to apply a RE from your collection.

Classless Mode

Ability Essence (AE) is used to unlock abilities in non-draft Ascension game modes. Skills take different amounts to unlock depending on their power level. You start with 9 AE and get 1 AE each level starting at level 10.

Save Scrolls of Fortune until you reach max level unless you are forced to take an ability that opens a lot of useless abilities to your ability roll pool e.g. Bear Form if not playing a bear tank.

If you want to reroll a spell that costs just 1 Ability Essence then it's typically best to wait until you have one Ability Essence leftover from previous selections.

Talent Essences are used to unlock talents. You get 1 TE every level starting at level 10. Some talents have a Capstone Bonus which is only active if you fully unlock the talent. Talents that give abilities also require Ability Essence.

Draft Mode

Ability rarity softcaps allow about the following:

  • 3 Legendaries
  • 8 Epics
  • 6 Rares
  • a lot of Uncommons
  • unlimited Commons

You cannot be assigned something you cannot use at all. For example, you won't learn Summon Voidwalker without first learning Drain Soul as it would be useless without Soul Shards.

You can have up to 4 Skill Cards active; 2 normal and 2 golden. These guarantee some rolls on specific levels e.g. that you roll Holy Fire at level 20. If you choose multiple cards for the same level, you will get one of them in the next pick.


The best ways to level, from fastest to slowest, are:

  1. Dungeons with a dedicated group (Aura of Experience + Potion of Experience)
  2. Battlegrounds if you are good in 1v1 hunt and kill
  3. Random dungeon finder groups
  4. Random PvP finder battlegrounds
  5. World PvP if you are good at finding and killing players
  6. Questing by skipping all lower level quests (green or gray)
  7. Mindless grinding in the open world
  8. Questing by completing all the quests, this is the slowest