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Warsong Gulch

Updated at 2019-12-26 11:25

This is a general strategy for Warsong Gulch in World of Warcraft Classic.

Defensive Party:

  • Rogues are always on their own flag; defending it in stealth or reclaiming it if moving.
  • Hunters set flares and traps to slow down attackers, track and harass enemy flag druid. If both teams have the flag, defend.
  • Warlocks defend at the start, then can switch to offense after the first attack. When in doubt, defend.

Offensive Party:

  • Druids will try to get the flag and sometimes heal others.
  • Primary healer supports the offense by following the friendly flag druid all the time.
  • Mages support the flag druid to get the flag by controlling the enemies. Will always protect the druid carrying the flag.

Middle Party:

  • Warriors control the middle and take strategic dives to the enemy flag carrier.
  • Most healers just follow the warriors.