🚗 Car

Updated at 2017-09-12 15:57

Buying a Car

Always check the car before signing anything. Having the car owner seeing you check out the car has a lot of impact.

Before you start the car:

  • Do the locks work?
  • Do the windows operate smoothly?
  • Are there any leaks under the hood?
  • Are there any dents at rims?
  • Have the tires worn evenly?
  • Look for rust under fenders, exhaust pipe and inside the door.

Start up the car and:

  • At startup, do all the warning lights work?
  • Do all the gauges work?
  • Open the hood and listen for knocks or loud ticks.
  • Turn on headlights and blinkers, do they work?

During test drive look out for:

  • Turn the wheel from lock to lock while driving slowly.
  • Drive slowly while wheel is turned to each end and listen for clicks.
  • Check that breaks work at 50, lookout for any extra vibration.
  • Loosen your grip at 50 and see if the ride straights or pulls.

Check fluids:

  • If oil is milky or sparkly; there might be an issue.
  • If transmission fluid smells burnt; there is an issue.