🧹 Cleaning

Updated at 2021-03-01 10:25

Learn to keep your house clean using a loose schedule:

    - make your bed
    - wash dishes
    - wipe kitchen surfaces
    - change your sheets
    - do a brief vacuum
    - wash your laundry
    - take out the trash
    - wash your windows
    - clean your refrigerator
    - throw away all items you did not use last year

Start cleaning from the top. Dust and dirty falls down. Like on top of bookshelves. Continue to tables and finish with the floor.

Use one set of tableware. If you are living alone, use one set of cup, glass, plate, fork, knife and spoon. Try to rinse them after use and never take another set.

Place items on containers or decorative plates to reduce visual clutter. Things inside a container become a single item.

Group things in threes to reduce visual clutter. If you place three items side by side that have different shapes, they become a single item. Four becomes a mess.

Establish drop zones. Take a note where you place your items e.g. when arriving home. Make actual drop zones of those e.g. place a small basket where you drop your keys or place something to hang your clothes where you throw your cloths.

Prioritize your storage space. You have two different kind of storage; active storage and passive storage. Active storage is for things that you need daily, passive storage is for things that you need weekly or less frequently. Active storage should be easy to access. Make note of things that are in wrong places, items that you need frequently but are hard to reach or items that are easy to reach but you use rarely.


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