Updated at 2016-11-06 13:15

Drink at least 1 liter of water or other sugar-free liquid each day. Makes your less grumpy, guaranteed.

How long items last in a refrigerator?

2 days: cooked fish, cooked meat, pastries.
5 days: milk, herbs, apples, berries, uncooked meat
14 days: vegetables, butter, sausages, citrus fruits, potatoes, cheese, eggs

Fat is your friend. Most people avoid fat when dieting; but fat is one of the best substances to make you feel that you are full so eat some fats. Processed carbohydrates such as bread and sugar are your real enemy.

I wouldn't recommend this but... 20mg ephedrine + 20mg caffeine + 80mg aspirin = no more hunger. Can't be healthy though.

Prefer boiling over frying for healthier diet.

Kettle > Oven > Microwave > Pan

Always eat in the kitchen. Even your snacks. This will reduce how much you eat.

Sleep a lot. Main thing that helps weight loss is how much you sleep. Also, try to stop eating breakfast and late night dinners. Longer your daily "fasting periods" will help reduce weight.

Lo-carb diet is a fast way to diet. Avoid all sugar, grains and potato like plague.

  • max 20g carbohydrates daily
  • max 120g protein daily
  • max 200g fats daily
  • everything else is fair game
  • note that fruits have quite a lot of carbs