🏪 Grocery Shopping in Finland

Updated at 2022-07-28 00:18

You can buy your groceries like normal but it's way more efficient to order them.

  • The products cost the same.
  • You get the same discounts and bonuses.
  • You are less likely to do impulse shopping.
  • You don't spend any time in the store or for travels.
  • It's easier to buy cheap; they weight the cheap vegetables for you and the web interface is great for comparing bulk prices.


  • Download the K-Ruoka app.
  • Sign in or register and select a nearby grocery store that does delivery.
  • Create a new shopping list, optionally share the shopping list with your household.
  • Include all you usual items you have stocked in the fridge, freezer and pantry.

When it is time to stock up...

  • Open the shopping list.
  • Disable all items you have enough of.
  • Enable all items you need more of.
  • Copy to shopping cart.
  • Modify quantities.
  • Order with delivery; the delivery fee is around 10 - 15 euros, you get it in a couple of days and you pay it upon delivery or online on the delivery date.

You can alternatively order a pickup which is cheaper and feasible if you use a car.