🧟 Habits

Updated at 2016-08-18 23:57

Habits are automated series of actions. You just need to start the habit and you can complete all actions in it without even thinking.

Habit has three parts: trigger, routine, reward. Trigger is what makes you want to start the habit e.g. bored. Routine are the actions that you complete e.g. go to refrigerator and grab a snack. Reward is what you receive at the end e.g. sugar rush.

Pepsodent become popular toothpaste because they add citrus and mint to
the product. They make your tongue tingle a bit. If you don't feel the
tingling, it triggers the brushing habit.

Habits cannot be unlearned. You have two options: fight the habit by suppressing it or change the routine. Suppressing is usually hard, even impossible for long term habits. Changing the routine and possibly the reward is a lot easier.

  1. Find the trigger. When you feel the craving or urge, write down 5 points: WHEN, WHO, WITH WHO ARE YOU, HOW ARE YOU FEELING, WHAT DID YOU JUST DO. Continuing to do this will give you a really good feeling what the trigger is.
  2. Find the reward. Try replacing the routine with something else. If you frequently go to buy sugary snacks, try the following when the craving triggers:
    1. Just walk around the block (exercise).
    2. Eat something healthy e.g. an apple or orange (energy).
    3. Talk with somebody (distraction). When you have completed the routine, write down 3 things that first come into mind. Set time for 15 minutes and then see if you still feel the craving and write this down.
  3. Now that you know what triggers the habit and what you want from it, it should be easy to change the habit.


  • Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg