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Updated at 2022-07-28 00:47

Amazon Kindle is a superior way of reading books. Here I record some neat things that I've learned over the years.

Sometimes your books get updated. The book section will read "Update Available" if there is a new version. You can make the updates automatic.

Your Account
> Manage Content and Devices
> Content
> Books

You can use Calibre or Zamzar to convert various formats to Kindle.

Highlight remarkable sections of your book to export them later. I highlight a lot of stuff when I read books that I want to remember later for a reason or another. After finishing the book, you can use Menu > Export> Gmail on a Kindle device to send the highlights to your inbox.

How to turn any PDF to a Kindle format without any tools:

  • Check your Kindle device email on the Amazon website.
    • It's something that ends with and you can customize it.
  • Add your email to the "Approved Personal Document E-mail List"
  • Might require verify on the email account.
  • Send PDFs to the Kindle device email with the subject line "Convert".
  • After the convert, the book is available on all your devices.

Now that you know how to convert any PDF to Kindle format with ease, you can:

  • buy book bundles from
  • download scientific articles from
  • and there are many other places you get book PDFs for free/cheap
  • no need to pay Amazon $30 for each book you want to read