🕛️ Time

Updated at 2013-05-13 01:06

Time is priorities. There is always time if you have the interest.

Optimize your own time, not others people's time.

Practice focusing. When you leave the house, concentrate on all subjects you do. If your mind starts to wander; bring it back on a topic. Do this for at least half an hour a day to master it.

Stop multitasking, it kills your focus.

Reflect on the history of things. These give weight to everything. Weight on things brings motivation. Trains you to focus on your current topic, training yourself to be more efficient. Thinking and focusing are skills you can train. Focusing saves time.

  • Your watch got stolen? Think about environments that made the thief.
  • Watching the sea? Think about the geology beneath the sea.

Think and plan before you act. If your food is over-cooked, you might get angry at the waiter. Realize that yelling will not help, and be polite to them instead.

Time leading up to a scheduled event is often wasted. Try organizing events like meetings as early during the day as possible.

Work is the best way to get working. Start with a short tasks and get the ball rolling.