🏗️ Team Building

Updated at 2018-06-23 14:57

Hire exceptional people and get out of their way. Avoid micromanagement, meaning telling people how to do their job. If you see yourself micromanaging a lot, you have hired the wrong guy. Micromanagement comes from the lack of trust.

Hire people that want to make the company better, while improving themselves in the process.

Sometimes even bad workers in a team can make the team more powerful e.g. "She made all the other people feel safe."

Make sure your each member of your team has the chance to voice their opinion. The most functional teams are shown to have members that discuss about things in equal portions. Ask input from a member if they are not speaking. Small number of people controlling the discussion is shown to be a sign of dysfunctional team.

Establish environment that provides psychological safety. A sense of confidence that the team will not embarrass, reject or punish someone from speaking up. Defend the recipient if you see somebody going a bit hostile. Respect is a great way to provide psychological safety.

Off-site, He began by asking everyone to share something personal about themselves. He went first. Cancer, breakup, health issues, something personal: They found it easier to speak honestly about the things that had been bothering them, their small frictions and everyday annoyances.

Recruit people that have at least average social skills. Main social skill to have is to notice how others feel based on their tone of voice, expression and nonverbal cues. It has been show to be one major factor of great teams. Listening and being heard is very important.

If you feel something troubling your emotionally, follow your gut and speak with the person that caused it.

Maximum team size is 9 people, including the lead. After that, communicating ideas and concerns inside the team becomes hard. This applies especially in software development, where code base will turn into spaghetti and the resulting complexity will slow down the development speed.

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