⚡️ Conflicts

Updated at 2014-03-17 23:51

A standard you walk past is a standard you accept.

This note is about social conflicts in a work environment.

All social conflicts should be addressed as soon as possible. Grudges and bad blood will demotivate the whole work community. If let be, these conflicts will escalate, sooner or later.

Conflict Resolution

Start by depersonalizing the conflict. Turn attention to the problem, not to the people. Maintain positive atmosphere where all feel safe and can openly talk.

Describe all facts as neutrally as possible. Prepare by separating emotions from the facts and calm yourself.

Co-operation > compromise. Resolving conflicts should always begin by negotiating a solution that would fully satisfy both sides. Discuss and focus on what both side need, not what sides want. Make sure both sides agree upon the solution.

Conflict Prevention

You should have a formal, visible, defensible promotion process that governs every employee promotion. Then promotions never cause bad blood between employees.

Giving Constructive Feedback

Keep it professional. Give feedback only for improvement, not for anybody's amusement. Never give constructive feedback in front of a group if it does not concern everybody.

Be direct, but not mean. Do not get personal. If you are going to fire someone, fire them as soon as possible.

Maintain open dialogue. Feedback is a dialogue, not a monologue. Ask lot of questions.

Follow how the target is taking the feedback. Your tone should match employee personality and mood, not your own personality or mood.

Avoid using shit sandwich all the time.

Shit sandwich => give good feedback, negative feedback, good feedback.

After first good feedback, people are more open. Final good feedback is to leave good experience on the top.


Take every complaint seriously.

What is the complaint about: 1. Complaint about person's behavior. -> Get both sides in the same room and talk it out. 2. Complaint about person's competence. -> If you knew the problem beforehand, you let the problem escalate. -> Either the complainer or the target should be removed. -> If you haven't noticed anything beforehand. -> Stop the conversation as soon as possible. -> Remark that you do not agree with the complainer. -> Re-evaluate the person in question. -> If the person is doing a bad job, remove him. -> If the person is doing a good job, research what were the compiling person's motives and resolve any issues.