🔥 Firing People

Updated at 2018-07-31 15:10

One bad apple may poison the well.

Don't get too attachment to your employees. Firing in a small company is hard as you tend to create strong relationships. Don't let that stop you from being rational. Don't be afraid to get rid of bad hires. Be nice but professional. Be human but not dumb.

Fire all under-performers. You should be able to detect these kind of employees within 30 days if you follow how we'll they attain the goals set. Under-performers demotivate the whole team even if they team members don't announce it.

Fire the people that don't fit the company culture, No matter how talented, people need to fit. They will not stay for long anyway.

Fire people that try to hoard all highly technical tasks. This makes them hard to replace. Sign of a bad hire. Try to divide the workload with another developer.