Onboarding Checklist

Updated at 2018-01-15 15:18
  1. Create the basic identity stuff.
    1. Google account or something similar.
    2. Office keys or badges.
    3. Slack access and swag.
  2. Explain company problem domain.
    1. Pitch deck and other materials.
  3. Go through the product.
    1. What it does currently?
    2. How is the product being used? Use-cases?
    3. Where are we on the roadmap?
  4. Go through the business.
    1. List current high profile customers.
    2. Potential customer profiles.
    3. How deal flow usually goes.
    4. Look at deals underway.
  5. Go through all the competitors.
    1. How they differ?
    2. How do we speak about them?
    3. Where company has information about the differences?
  6. What are responsibilities of this specific employee.
    1. Can be broad but to set basis what is expected.
    2. Who to contact when you have questions.
  7. Plan work for the next two weeks.
    1. Informally check how they are doing every couple of days.
    2. Formally check on them in two weeks.