🤹 Product Manager

Updated at 2014-11-26 16:39

Product manager is a team member that focuses on achieving business success by meeting user needs through the continual planning of product solutions.

Responsibilities of a product manager:

  • Plans so that the product is delivered on estimated time.
  • Identifies, validates feasibility and scales tradeoffs of features.
  • Finds and introduces new ideas to improve the business.
  • Creates and maintains a road map for product development.
  • Leads the team in executing the road map.
  • Understands the target market.
  • Listen to the end users; don't persuade people to your way of thinking..
  • Represents the end user in the product development process.
  • Patience; time between an idea and anything concrete is measured in weeks.
  • Writes a lot of notes and lists to pass ideas on.

Business comes first. For a product manager, measure of success is the state of the business and the value that the product provides to its users. Intentionally releasing an imperfect feature is a common decision a product manager might have to make.

If you want to create the perfect tech, become a programmer. If you want to create the perfect design, become an UI designer. If you want to make business, become a product manager.

Relying on a product manager is an alternative business strategy. Product managers exist based on an assumption that it's easier to identify market problems and solve them with technology than it's to find buyers for an existing solution.