🏞️ Work Environment

Updated at 2013-05-13 03:17

This note is about establishing good work environment.

Coding environment needs to be good for optimal productivity. It can make a developer 2.6 times more productive. Optimal developer work space:

  • Quiet.
  • Around 5x5m space.
  • No co-worker distractions.
  • Quality furniture.
  • The office space is good quality e.g. ping pong table and refrigerator.
  • A window with curtains.

Additional things you can do to boost work environment:

  • Let developer pick their own computer, laptop/desktop, Mac/Win/Linux.
  • Let employees pick their own email address. They want to be more than a number.

Great programmers will are attracted by great environments. You can create great environments by providing benefits that cost less than they give in value.

  • Offer health club memberships.
  • Offer free soft drinks.
  • New movie coming out? Rent out whole theatre in afternoon and go watch it.
  • Offer that they can work with smart people.
  • Offer authority.
  • Have hackathon, boardgame or other activities.