💬 Copywriting

Updated at 2014-01-31 01:56

Copy is term used for texts on the web e.g. on a website or in an email. Copywriting is act of writing the copy and is related to writing in general. This note is about writing inviting, readable and interesting copy.

Copy can be divided roughly into three parts:

  • Headcopy: contains the headline, hinting what the page is about.
  • Macrocopy: contains texts that are marketing the product e.g. slogan, case stories, benefit listing, testimonials.
  • Microcopy: contains texts that support usability e.g. form labels, instructional texts and wordings on buttons.


These headcopy notes apply to all headlines e.g. blog posts, videos and emails, but are a few additional notes related to specific kind of headlines:


Refer to macrocopy notes.


Refer to microcopy notes.