Game Marketing

Updated at 2014-06-10 13:49

Marketing a video game has its own twists.

Use the press. Send out a few steam keys so they can test the game.

IGN, Joystiq, Polygon

Game journalists do not have time to think. Keep in mind that journalists are really busy people.

  • Research who review the genre of games you are creating.
  • Send a copy of the game to the press.
  • Explain why the game is interesting in one sentence.
  • Try to establish one-on-one relationships with writers.
  • Make sure Prt Scr button actually takes a screenshot.

Use YouTubers and streamers.

Use reddit. IAMA, pictures and being funny.

Fake accounts. Word of mouth doesn't have to be a passive thing. It can be encouraged. Guerilla marketing has always been a part of game marketing. You should not be too obvious though.

Uplink creator Introversion create fake forum accounts to promote the game. "Have you looked at this strange game?"

Prepare unique quotes to include in the reviews. Try to send an unique quote to each writer. The journalists will thank you for it. Make yourself interesting.

You know no-one's playing Soldier Of Fortune because of the story. They're playing it because you can throw knives in people’s dick