🌱 Growth Hacking

Updated at 2018-08-01 09:56

Activation turns acquired users into active customers. In other words, people that pay and use your solution actively.

Track conversion from trial users to paid users.

Activation is improved by the product team. Focus making first use and onboarding experience as fluid and rewarding as possible.

Marketing and sales team should work close with the product team members working on onboarding.

Help trial users to experience full value you offer. When they see the value, they will stick around.

Show 3 buttons what suggest what user wants to do. Then have different onboarding experience for each of those.

Find your activation metric. When can a user be considered a customer.

If your analytics shows that ride sharing service users that take 2 rides during their first 30 days will remain, encourage users to take two rides. -> 50% off for one ride after 10 days if no 2nd ride yet -> one free ride after 20 days if no 2nd ride yet

Look at your long term customers to find core values. Focus on highlighting those features during onboarding.


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