Marketing Campaigns

Updated at 2013-12-09 19:10

Going viral is not a strategy, it is an outcome.

Marketing campaign is a series of messages or advertisements that share a single idea or theme. Single campaign usually uses multiple channels at the same time. Most common type of campaign is a sale. Related to marketing stunts.

Mimicking campaigns of your competitors is inefficient. Making same campaigns even better might work but you should prefer creating your own campaigns.

"Retweet this to Win!" -campaigns are lame and overused.

Do not focus on volume, focus on revenue. Do rely on the campaign traffic metrics, you need to count how many people register or buy the product.

Check user base sharing behaviour. Google your own content so you can see what channels people are using to share you content. Embrace those channels.

Keep track of your social media footprint. Check what people are talking about the company and product in social media. Never hide criticism. React quickly, politely and publicly. If you make a mistake, correct it publicly and swiftly.

Embracing a bad reputation is an option. If a campaign goes haywire and you get some kind of reputation, consider using that to your advantage and infuse it with the brand.

Shareability is the key. Campaigns based on creativity, scoring of people and humor are the most frequently shared in social media. Making it visual, interactive, personalized, for common good and emotional are a plus. Make sharing as easy as possible.

Just used and my search engine score is A+ because my name is so rare. Can you beat that?

# Vanity and Curiosity -loop. User A gets their horoscope and share it. A's friend B also get their horoscope and share it. B's friend C also get their horoscope and share it.

Campaigns may refer to recent news. One of the most effective campaigns is adapting to something happening in public where you can add your own perspective to. For smaller events, it is usually better only to mention it in the social media.

Your company does security consulting. News about NSA spying people. Provide a web app that rates different email providers by security.

Concerned that Adobe is shutting down Fireworks? Sketch is 50% off until tomorrow. Give it a try! [URL]

Campaigns may refer to a seasonal event. Create way to utilize holiday spirit or supporting a common cause.

MOVEMBER SALE! All moustache wax 50% off

November is now Movember! We donate 20% of all buys made today for men's healthcare.

Competitions are frequently campaigns. People love to win stuff.

Foursquare Game of Cones: Ice cream shop with most check-ins got an iron ice cream cone statue. Summer is coming!

Partner up with another company to create something neat.

Google And Nestlé Android 4.4 KitKat Neat promotional website.

Narrow your target audience. You can make campaigns with more impact if you focus only on small niche audience. E.g. web developers, designers or soccer moms.

Hipvite: Please Feature Us TechCrunch Focus was not really to get featured by TechCrunch but to attract early adopters.

Check your #hashtags. Check that your hashtag does not look funny or vulgar when written in lowercase and without spaces. Avoid one-off hastags like #campaign2013, prefer more generic #campaign but check that there are no recorded use of the hastag on Twitter or Facebook. If you are organizing a local campaign, add city or country e.g. #movemberfi.

Encourage people to use the #hashtag. Notify about the hashtag as soon as possible so people can spread the word. For local events, try to get the Tweet and Facebook feeds on the displays, offer a few places to take promotional pictures and provide free wireless. Best way to encourage updates is to update yourself.