Public Relations

Updated at 2013-12-11 17:20

Public relations is management of information between an organization and the public. Related to marketing and especially to social marketing.

Be honorable. When your company has a minor crisis, admit it publicly. Avoid making excuses and focus on what you are planning to do about it.

Consider establishing a common enemy. Brand can invoke stronger unity by defining a common enemy for the brand and its supporters. The enemy can be physical, an idea or a belief.

Apple made boring PC users their enemy.

Stand for something. Create company vision and company values. Stand behind them and mention them when possible.

Focus on telling a story. Even news can be interesting.

Millions of people, including my friend Jim, have had problems learning Spanish. With FluffySpeak, he was fluent in two weeks!

Talk to the right publication. Pitch one feature at a time and make sure people care about each one of them.

Here is a neat new feature that lets do something amazing.

How to find journalist info:

- LinkedIn - Facebook - Google+ - Twitter - Contact another person in the same company and ask. - Google: <PERSON_NAME> email - Google: <PERSON_NAME> contact

When contacting, express interest in their previous work.


My name is YYY, I'm big fan of your work and have been for a while. I'm emailing you today about my company to see if you see any fit for a story in .

To give you a quick background: We are the first platform that allows people to make SEO for themselves.

I know you are busy so just let me know if you have any interest.


Prepare the story for journalist. In the following email, write whole article and include all related pictures for the article. Each time you are releasing a new feature, send them a copy of your article. Add a few quotes they can use.

Crisis communication:

  • Be fast. Whatever the problem is, people must know you have noticed the crisis. Social media is the best medium.
  • Be honest and open. If the crisis has been caused by your actions, state it openly
  • Be compassionate. If the crisis concerns other organizations or individuals, do not blame them but support and stand with them.