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Localizing App Name

Updated at 2015-07-23 11:08
  1. Open the app in XCode.
  2. Use XCode => Project Tab => Add Localization => <THE_LANGUAGE_YOU_WANT> to specify that language as your target translation.
  3. Find localize InfoPlist.strings in the project root. If the file doesn't exist, create it to the root of the project.
    File => New File => Resource => Strings File => "InfoPlist.strings"
     * InfoPlist.strings
    CFBundleDisplayName = "APP NAME ON THE PHONE";
    Select the File => Localization => Make localized...
  4. Targets -> Unity-iPhone -> Build Settings -> Code Signing -> iOS Developer: YOU
  5. Sometimes XCode translates Info.plist instead of the InfoPlist.strings. If this happens, rebuild the project with Unity as this translation will cause builds to fail.
  6. Build

If you receive "doesn't accept non-64" error from App Store:

In Unity, set target iOS version to he newest.
XCode, Targets -> Unity-iPhone -> Deployment Info -> Deployment Target -> newest
Project -> <NAME> -> Build Settings -> Architectures -> armv6 to "armv7, arm64"