⬜️🍏 Releasing Unity Project as iOS App

Updated at 2015-01-16 19:38
  1. You must have iOS developer license which costs $99 per year and the approval process can take up to a week.
  2. Prepare upload in iTunes Connect. Sign in -> Manage Your Applications -> Add New App -> iOS App Fill in: App Name SKU Number (unique id, meaningful to the company) Bundle ID (same as in Unity's iOS player settings) Continue. Fill launch date and price. Continue. Fill in: Version Number (same as in Unity's iOS player settings) Copyright (same as in Unity's iOS player settings) Select Categories and Ratings Add meta data and review information. Include Uploads: All images must be 72 DPI RGB images in JPG- or PNG-format. PNG files cannot have transparency. Large App Icon: 1024x1024 3.5-Inch (iPhone 3): 640x920 4-Inch (iPhone 4, iPhone 5): 640x1136 4.7-Inch (iPhone 6): 750 x 1334 5.5 Inch (iPhone 6 Plus): 1242 x 2208 iPad: 1536 x 2048 Save View Details Ready to Upload Binary
  3. Build the application in Unity. Build Settings Check that iOS is selected. Check that your scenes are included. Check that development build is turned off. Player Settings Check company name and product name. Check bundle id and version. If you are using Unity 4.*, there are some bugs in 64bit builds, so if you get errors, try changing "Scripting Backend" to "IL2CPP". Build the Project
  4. Upload the build to iTunes Connect using XCode. Open the XCode project. Run Product -> Clean. Select your project from the left "Unity-iPhone". Select your project settings under "Project" from the middle. Check that settings in "Info" tab are correct. Go to "Build Settings" tab, see if everything looks good. Run Product -> Clean. Run the application one more time on an iOS device. Run Product -> Archive. Organizer should open, if not, open at Window > Organizer. Select your archive and click "Submit". Choose code signing identity.
  5. Go back to iTunes Connect page, refresh and check if everything is before submitting for review.