Updated at 2023-03-11 11:47

Wealth is the vomiting of Fortune. - Momimus the Cynic

For me, philosophy is meta-reasoning. The act of formulating the rules of reasoning itself.

  • "How should I reason about this?"
  • "How did I come to this conclusion?"
  • "How can I be sure that this path is true, right or good?"
  • "Why am I feeling this way; why did my body react this way?"

In academics, philosophy is the study of knowledge, reality and existence.

A lot of philosophy can be a bit confusing; especially the ancient philosophy. There are certain concepts that have changed over the years, so you need to keep in mind the era the text was written in. But in general:

  • "to act true" means to "not to act randomly but with a well-thought-out reason"
  • "soul" can be translated as "psyche" in most contexts
  • "cynic" comes from kunikós "doglike"; meaning "shameless" or "brazen"