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DNS & Heroku

Updated at 2015-09-07 02:38

How to setup Heroku app ecosystem routing using Route 53.

Find out your main app's load balancer hostname. Apex (the root domain) must be configured using A (ALIAS) definition and AWS doesn't support them pointing to non-AWS endpoints.



Name                 Type   Value                               TTL            A   ALIAS         -           MX   email settings                      300           NS   aws dns ns records                  172800          SOA   hostmaster and some random stuff    900          TXT   sdomain validation for services     300          SPF   same as TXT                         300   CNAME             300   CNAME             300   CNAME             300   CNAME                60 CNAME       300     A   ALIAS       300        A                       300  TXT   domain validation for a service     30