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Updated at 2018-01-29 19:32

Intercom is customer messaging platform. The core interface is messenger application on websites where visitors and registered users can chat with the admins.

Intercom admins can be organized into teams. Teams have their own inbox and allows automatically assigning e.g. pricing related questions to the sales team.

Intercom has 3 parts; Respond, Engage and Educate.


Send messages to active users via Intercom Messenger.


Manual messages allow sending custom message to specific visitors.

Auto messages allow sending automated message to visitor based on their behavior.

Auto message use-case examples:

  • Welcome email with link to getting started to users who have signed less than 1 day ago.
  • Follow-up message telling how to get maximum value out of your product to users who have signed more than 3 days ago and have at least 5web sessions.
  • Feature announcement about a new feature for old inactive users who have signed more than 30 days ago and have last been seen more than 30 days ago.
  • Retention email to users who have last been seen more than 30 days ago. Focus on telling about the latest features.
  • Check-up message to active users who have signed less than 60 days ago, have at least 20 web sessions and have last been seen less than 3 days. Ask what is their favorite feature of the service.

Engage: Campaigns

Campaigns are sequences of messages to get users to complete a goal. Goal is the action you want your users to take. You can filter which users to target.

Messages are prioritized. If a user matches rules of more than one message, highest priority message is sent first.

Messages are time throttled. You can specify that campaign sends only one message every 1, 2, 3, etc. days.

Target users will get campaign messages until:

  1. They have reached the campaign goal.

  2. They have received all the campaign messages.

  3. They meet other custom exit criteria.

    Campaign Name: Onboarding new users Goal: Web sessions is greater than 20 Target: User has signed up less than 30 days ago


Allow creating articles to help users help themselves.

  • Answer frequently asked questions.
  • Show how to do something specific.
  • Share insider tips.

Article title is the thing users will see when browsing Help Center.

Description is max 140 text that appears right below the title.

If article is a draft, only the admin team can see it.


  • Intercom onboarding tutorial