🕵️ Code Reviews

Updated at 2016-12-10 11:58

Benefits of code reviews:

  • Improves software quality.
  • Reduces code complexity.
  • Allows questioning design decisions while avoiding outright criticizing. For example, including React to a web project mid-way development.
  • Share knowledge of the code base between developers. Reviewer can ask questions about the code. This educates developers about approaches new to them.
  • Increases communication between team members.
  • Finds bugs before they go live.

Good guidelines when conducting code reviews:

  • Code reviews can be done by anyone, regardless of their level of experience.
  • Code reviews should not require you to break someone's flow, reviews should be asynchronous. Submit a pull request and continue working without expecting another developer to review it right away.
  • Reviewer, author and each commenter must agree on the review outcome.
  • Pick a coding style for your team and stick to it.

All changes should go through a code review. But the following can be done without a code review:

  • Removing commented out code.
  • Formatting indentation or white-space.
  • Removing dead/unreachable code, proven by a static code analysis tool.