Hybrid App Development

Updated at 2015-07-26 04:32

Hyprid apps are websites that double as mobile apps. Website compiled to a thin mobile browser app so it can be launched without an internet connection.

Don't use heavy libraries. jQuery are not for hybrid apps, use Zepto instead. Keep your JavaScript slim in general.

Don't use advanced HTML5 functionalities. HTML5 performance is an issue in the current hybrid apps.

Don't load all views at once. Load texts first and images asynchronously.

Don't use CSS animations. Hybrids apps don't seriously have the performance to do this yet.

You will have to make custom tweaks per platform. Hybrid app on iOS should look and feel different than on Android.

Use hybrid UI libraries like Ionic. Angular.js is good for data-driven hybrid apps.

Minify HTML/CSS/JS to reduce file size.

Compress your images. Seriously, this is important.

Use local storage as a cache.

Use hybrid development frameworks like AppGyver. Reduces a lot of headache.