Updated at 2019-01-15 12:30

These are notes are how I use Todoist to manage my day-to-day activities.

Bind and learn global shortcut for Todoist list or the "quick add task" action. Allows quickly add random reminders, I personally use F2 > q.

You can comment and attach files to tasks. It's usually better to add details to comments. Link to Dropbox to attach larger files than 20MB.

Install Todoist plugin for Chrome. Allows adding highlighted text or the whole website as a task.

You can bookmark a specific Todoist filter to your browser. So create a review filter e.g. "@waiting & overdue" and add a recurring task on Fridays; boom instant weekly reviews.

Create a mental model how you will use different priority levels.

Priority 1 (red):    "this must be done on the assigned day"
Priority 2 (orange): "this would be good to do on the assigned day"
Priority 3 (blue):   "do if you have nothing better to do"
Priority 4 (gray):   "maybe do, maybe don't, can wait"

Keyboard shortcuts when creating a task:

#project                Assign to a project
@label                  Add a label
* do it                 This task cannot be completed anymore
p1, p2, p3, p4          Set priority; p1 > p2 > p3 > p4 (default)

Schedule markup when creating a task:

do it 								the name of the task
do it today/tod                     e.g. Mon -> Mon
to it tomorrow/tom                  e.g. Mon -> Tue
do it in 2 days                     e.g. Mon -> Wed
do it next week                     e.g. Mon -> Mon (Next week)
do it next month                    e.g. X Jan -> 1 Feb
do it mon/tue/wed/thu/fri/sat/sun   assign to next instance of that weekday
do it on wed at 2pm                 assign time reminder
do it every 2 days starting Jan 10  repeating schedule
do it every! 2 days starting Jan 10 next due date depends on when completed

Basic markdown works:

_text_                  Italic
*text*                  Italic
__text__                Bold
**text**                Bold
`print('lol')`          Inline code
[text](url)             Hypertext link

Keyboard shortcuts while in application:

q                   Quick add a task.
a                   Add new task at the bottom of the current list.
A                   Add new task at the top of the current list.
/                   Search for a task.
s                   Sort by list by date.
p                   Sort by list by priority.
Ctrl/Cmd + Click    Select multiple tasks.
Shift + Click       Select multiple tasks.

Filter creation syntax:

#Roadshow       All tasks in the project “Roadshow”
##Roadshow      All tasks in the project “Roadshow” and its sub-projects
no labels       All tasks without labels
no priority     All tasks without priority

created: today              All tasks created today
created before: 01/01/2018  All tasks created after Jan 15th, 2017
recurring                   All tasks with recurring due date
overdue                     All tasks that are overdue

Label examples:

Not feeling well or feeling extra productive? Filter by cost of a task:
@low        - Low mental energy tasks.
@high       - High mental energy tasks.

Look for tasks that you have time to finish before then next meeting:
@quick      - Task takes less than 15 minutes.

Tasks that require waiting:
@waiting    - Task is waiting for something or someone to act first.
@boss       - Things you want to bring up with your boss.
@delegate   - Task should be delegated to sombody else

Quickly find tasks you can do on your current device:
@phone      - Task can be done on your smart phone.
@tablet     - Task can be done on tablet.
            - Other tasks require a computer or device is implied in task.

Find tasks you on your current location:

Reduce mental shift cost to group tasks by type:
@call       - Making calls.
@email      - Sending emails.
@read       - You are reading something

Use project templates for checklists.

  1. Create a new project with all the required tasks.
  2. Export it.
  3. Save it to Dropbox.
  4. Import from template.