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Special Folders

Updated at 2016-10-30 09:51

Special folders:

  • Editor: code required by the Unity editor, but not in the actual app.
  • Plugins: DLLs written in C/C++.
  • Resources: assets that are loaded on demand.
  • StreamingAssets: files are copied unchanged to the target platform.
  • Gizmos: debugging icons for Gizmos.DrawIcon.

The phases of Unity game compilation are as follows:

  1. Code in top-level Standard Assets, Pro Standard Assets and Plugins directories.
  2. Code in any Editor directory under the previous 3 directories.
  3. Code not under any Editor directory.
  4. Code in any Editor directory.

Code compiled in a later phase cannot be used in the previous phases. E.g. phase 2 code cannot use code from phases 3 or 4, but can use code from phase 1.

Unity ignores:

  • Hidden folders.
  • Files and folders which start with .
  • Files and folders which end with ~
  • Files and folders named cvs
  • Files with the extension .tmp